"My career in restaurant management has helped me in my tutoring job"



"Having moved to the UK nearly 8 years ago, I've been a successful French teacher since. I had previously studied and worked in management because I enjoyed developing, training and helping people become the best at their job. My experience in this field as well as having learned two foreign languages have helped me in my tutoring career."  



"I am fluent in English as I studied and worked in the United States in Restaurant Management and in the Hospitality Industry for 15 years.

In New York City, I worked as a General Manager for a quick service company called Au Bon Pain for 8 years. I then decided to work in the hospitality industry. I was offered a job in Los Angeles, California as Assistant Restaurant Manager at Marriott Hotel Corp.  I was then transfered to Miami where I worked as a Restaurant Manager for JW Marriott hotel. And finally, I moved to Chicago where I worked as a Food and Beverage outlet manager for Wyndham hotel in Oakbrook."